Sensory play in focus
with new Micki Senses

New from Micki for our very smallest children

It has probably never been so exciting to be in the toy industry as it is right now. At the same time as the technology is advancing at a furious pace, the voices advocating the importance of children’s play have never been as loud as they are today.

Bearing these trends in mind, we have developed a completely new series of classic toys for the very smallest family members. Our new series, Micki Senses, allows the child to use several of its senses in play. This strengthens the play experience and the child learns how different materials feel, sound and appear.

What do soft rabbit ears feel like? And what sound does the little hedgehog make when you drive it over the living-room floor?

Classic toys such as the learn-to-walk trolley, hammering bench, brick set and building blocks will be joined in the autumn by new items including pulling toys and soft blocks. Our new series, Micki Senses, has completely new, hand drawn patterns in a lovely colour range. The wooden toys with parts in soft linen, strengthen the child’s play experience and provide a playful feel. These inquisitive animal friends accompany the child on all the adventures that are to come!


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