All children love the
irresistible Babblarna!

I höst lanserar vi de första i en rad av nya Babblarnaprodukter från Micki Leksaker

Swedish children, parents and preschools have welcomed Babblarna into their hearts. Not only do they help a child to talk, the colourful, babbling figures are also absolutely irresistible. Because when children babble, talk, sing and play with Babblarna, they also develop their own speech and language skills.

“Ever since the first Babblarna books were released 12 years ago I’ve dreamed about truly robust, fun, educational toys that make the language games in Babblarna’s world even more real and better at promoting motor skills,” says Anneli Tisell, Babblarna founder.


Come and play in Babblarna’s world

This autumn, we’re launching the first in a series of new Babblarna products from Micki Leksaker.

Among the new toys from Babblarna’s world are the colourful houses whose design you will recognise from the popular Villa Villekulla and Bamse’s world. The houses are made of wood and each has its own yard so that the Babblarna can find their way home to each house. Together with the PVC Babba, Bibbi, Bobbo, Dadda, Diddi and Doddo figurines, the Babblarna’s houses provide great play value. And all the time, the children develop their language skills. Because babbling and burbling leads to speech and language!

“Naturally, having the opportunity to develop this together with renowned, fantastically talented Micki Leksaker is wonderful and inspiring,” says Anneli.

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