New strategic partnership with Estonian company OÜ Anvol

Micki Leksaker AB is pleased to announce its newest strategic partnership with the Estonian company OÜ Anvol. Anvol is a private company established 1995 in Tallinn, Estonia. Anvol has a dedicated team of great professionals, specializing in toys and children´s goods within distribution and retail.

The company operates successfully in the Baltics, Finland, Georgia and Uzbekistan.

Apart from their distribution business, Anvol is also engaged in retail operations. Anvol runs two chains of stores including on-line shops: XS Toys – more than 50 top quality toy stores covering seven countries and Chicco, with 5 stores in Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania.

Micki Leksaker AB is thrilled to have Anvol on board and look forward to Anvol’s strong approach in developing their local markets.