Even more room for role play
in the new Lundby

The doll's house with all the right features

We want our doll’s house to reflect our contemporary world; right through from the building’s foundations to the sofa in the living room. When we are developing Lundby, we don’t just take into account colour and form, but also the ways in which people live. Today more and more people are living in apartments in large cities. A lot of children live in more than one place, dividing their time between their parents.

The realistic details, the lighting and the many accessories available for Lundby, provide a whole world of opportunities for fun play over many years.

A world of opportunities for play in the new Lundby Life

Our new doll’s house Lundby Life has an open layout, beautiful wallpapers from Sandberg Wallpaper and doors painted in a variety of fun colours. In this doll’s house you can remove the back walls and play in the house from both sides. You can turn round the back walls in the two ground floor rooms, which gives you a beautiful feature wall in the rooms on the ground floor.

The stairs enable your dolls to easily move between the floors in the doll’s house. You simply attach the stairs anywhere you want in the house’s framework. If there are a lot of floors in your house you can combine several staircases.

Lighting – an important part of Lundby

Obviously, Lundby Life and Room also has lighting, which gives the doll’s house a cosy and homely atmosphere! Battery-powered lighting also enables you to use as many lamps as you like in the house. You can also position the doll’s house wherever you like, regardless of access to a mains socket.

Create your very own dream house with Lundby Room

Do you need an apartment in a high-rise building, a little holiday cottage or a lower floor for your Lundby Life or Lundby Creative doll’s house? Create room for more play by adding more modules, and build your house upwards or outwards. The sky’s the limit!

These flexible Lundby Room doll’s house modules come in three different sizes and have reversible walls covered in beautiful wallpapers from Sandberg Wallpaper. You can also entirely remove all the walls so that you can play in the house from a number of directions. Each module can be used on its own, in combination with several modules or with one of the doll’s houses in Lundby’s range.

Pottering and creative joy with Lundby Do-it-yourself

Pottering, DIY and making your own creations has become a major trend, not least in the world of doll’s houses. The new Lundby Do-if-yourself enables you to personally style your own small doll’s house furniture!

All parts are in untreated wood and there are five great sets to choose from. The accessories from Lundby Do-it-yourself fit equally well in the doll’s house as anywhere else in a child’s room. Furthermore, the sets can be sold independently of whether you have other products from Lundby in your range.


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